Advantages And Drawbacks Of 6 Common Paint Colors

Posted on: 20 July 2015

Before you repaint your vehicle, make sure you think about the advantages and drawbacks that come with the color you choose. Your paint color does not just affect how your car looks, it also affects how warm your vehicle gets in the hot sun and how people view your vehicle. Here are some of the advantages and drawbacks to black, white, dark blue, light blue, red and silver paint jobs.

Black Paint Job

The biggest advantage of a black paint job on your vehicle is that it your vehicle will look incredibly polished and well put together when the paint job is clean. A black paint job can make your vehicle look sleek and thin.

The biggest drawback of a black paint job is keeping it looking that nice. Every speck of dust and dirt that lands on your vehicle will show up on a black paint job. Black paint does not hide dirt very well.

Another drawback of black paint is that your vehicle will get really hot when it is left sitting out in the sun. This can be great if you live somewhere where it is cold for the majority of the year; however, if you live in a southern state where it is warm year round, you may want to rethink painting your car black.

White Paint Job

White paint jobs are extremely popular for a reason. White paint tends to hide the everyday dirt and grim that accumulates on your vehicle. However, dirt kicked up by your tires does seem to stand out a little more on white paint jobs than on other paint jobs.

It is also not influenced by outside temperatures as much as other paint jobs; your can park your vehicle in the sun all day and it will not heat up the same way a darker colored vehicle will.

A white paint job can also make your vehicle look a little bigger than it is; which is good if you want your vehicle to stand out.

Dark Blue Paint Job

If you want to paint your vehicle a dark color, but don't want to use black, dark blue is a great alternative color. Dark blue will make your vehicle look sleek and stylish just like a black paint job would.

However, your vehicle will not get as hot when it is parked in the hot sun. It will hide dirt and paint flaws a little better, but you will still have to be on top of washing your vehicle on a regular basis if you go with a dark paint job.

Red Paint Job

If you want people to notice your vehicle when you drive by, then a red paint job could be the right color for you. Red vehicles tend to attract people's attention; if you want to blend in, this is not the color for you.

Imperfections in your paint can be easily seen on a red paint job; however, it does an okay job of hiding dust and dirt. It falls right in between a black and white vehicle in regards to retaining heat when parked in the sun.

Light Blue Paint Job

If you want to go for something in between black and white, a light blue paint job is the perfect solution. It will make your vehicle look stylish, and depending on the shade of light blue that you choose, it will be apparent to others that your vehicle has a custom paint job.

Your vehicle will not get too hot in the sun with a light blue paint job. It will also hide dirt and dust pretty well. It is a paint color that is easy on your eyes.

Silver Paint Job

Another great color that falls in between the advantages and disadvantages of black and white is a silver paint job. Dust seems to be hide pretty well on silver vehicles, and your car will not get too hot when it is parked in the sun. Silver vehicles can be eye-catching if they are painted well.

Before you choose a paint color, think about how it will hide imperfect and dirt. Consider how hot your vehicle will get when it is left in the sun. Finally, think about the visual appeal of the color that you choose. After you take into consideration all of those factors, choose a paint shade that fits what you are looking for. 

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