How To Make Small Repairs To Your Auto Body

Posted on: 29 July 2015

Many people think that it is much too difficult to make auto body repairs on their own. In fact, patching small holes on your auto body surface is actually not that difficult if you have the right materials. This article will explain how to patch small dents, dings and holes on your car surface. With a little bit of practice and direction, you can master the simple technique and fix small holes before they become a serious problem.

Prepping the Hole

First, you need to prepare the area around inside the hole. This means you need to use wet sandpaper. Wet sandpaper is just like normal sandpaper except that it has extremely high grit (over 1000) and needs to be moist when sanding a surface. Just keep a small bucket of water nearby that you can repeatedly dip the paper in to keep it moist. Sand just a small area around the hole. This will create a smoother surface for the paint to bond to.

Applying the Body Filler

The next step is to apply the body filler. Body filler is usually sold in two parts: the putty and at the hardener. You have to mix the hardener into the putty just before you apply it. This means you need to work very quickly. It is best to practice on a spare piece of wood or cardboard so you can get familiar with the drying time. To apply the body filler, you should use a plastic putty knife that will not scratch the car surface.

Sanding Down the Patched Area

Once the body filler is spread into the hole and completely dry, you will need to smooth it out. Use the wet sandpaper again to buff out the patch. Of course, you need to make the patch match the curves of the car. This will take a little bit of working and slow sanding. Be patient and make sure that you do not scratch the unpatched areas of the car. Finally, you will need to buff out the surface with a power buffer. This will give the patched area a finish and sheen that basically matches the original car paint. At this point, your patched hole will be ready for paint. This is more technical and difficult job, so you might want to leave it up to a professional like those at Convoy Collision and Auto Body. Once your car is painted, you old hole will be basically invisible.