Repairing A Gash In Your Car's Plastic Bumper Cover: What To Expect

Posted on: 29 October 2015

You love the streamlined look on your car, but all it takes is an impact at 15 miles per hour to destroy the appearance of your plastic bumper cover. This means that a vehicle backing up, a wayward skateboard, or even a tiny bump from behind while on the road can lead to a nasty gash on your plastic bumper cover. While this type of damage is certainly superficial in appearance, it can make your car look less fresh and can make you shake your head in dismay every time you see it. If you want to get this type of damage repaired, here is what you can expect.

It's not as easy to fix as you think

The first thing on your mind may be to repair the damage yourself. After all, all you need is a little bit of sandpaper, a bonding agent, and a filler to repair the gash, right? A common mistake many vehicle owners make is to try to repair plastic bumper cover damages on their own. For starters, it takes precision and proper paint matching to make the gash less noticeable, and you can actually make the damage worse if you're not experienced with this kind of body work. Even worse, your efforts to repair the damage on your own will likely wear out after a few months, making you do the same repairs again. It's best to hire an auto collision repair specialist to do the work for you so the results will be more satisfying and will last longer.

A small gash can mean a large expense

In many cases, the damage to your car's plastic bumper cover can be filled in and repainted to look like new again. If your gash goes through the entire plastic, however, you will likely be facing a full bumper cover replacement rather than a repair. This can be costly both in parts and man hours to make your vehicle look like new again. The average bumper cover replacement can cost between $500 and $1,900. The best way to know how much your repairs will cost is to take it in to an auto collision repair shop. A technician will inspect your vehicle and give you an estimate on repairs based on how severe your damage is.

A great repair shop will give you options for repair, even if they recommend a full replacement of your plastic bumper cover. This way, you can weigh the costs and benefits of replacement or repair to see which one will work best for your needs. In many cases, your insurance will cover either repair after your deductible unless the work to be done exceeds the value of your vehicle.