3 Signs Your Crane System Is In Need Of Repair

Posted on: 9 February 2016

Cranes are commonly used on construction sites to move heavy objects around from one place to another. However, it is extremely important that the cranes are properly maintained to prevent anyone from getting injured in the workplace. But, how can you possibly know when your crane is going to need repairs and when it is in good working condition? To make sure your crane is properly taken care of, here are three signs to be on the lookout for that signify your crane needs to be maintained right away.


Anytime you start noticing corrosion on your crane or the hoist, you want to get it in to be looked at right away. Even if the area has a small amount of corrosion, that small spot could end up turning into something major down the line. A tiny portion of rust will continue eating away at the metal until it gets to the point where the metal gives way and parts of the crane come crashing down. This could be extremely dangerous for anyone who might be underneath the area at the time. At the first sign of rust, you need to have someone who specializes in heavy equipment repair come out and take a look at your machinery.

Bent hooks

Even though the hook is supposed to be bent, they still have limits. The hook is there to help hold onto the weight of the load and direct it to where it needs to go. If the weight isn't distributed properly, it can cause the hook to end up getting bent and tweaked out of proportion. This compromises the integrity of the crane and could cause it to fall off down the road. Spend time going through and inspecting the hooks to make sure they aren't damaged.

Dry ropes

Constant usage, cold and heat end up wreaking havoc on your crane, especially the ropes. These ropes need to be oiled to keep them in good working condition. If you don't oil them, the ropes will dry out and end up cracking and breaking. Anytime your ropes start looking worn or frayed, you need to have someone come out and replace them for you.

By being aware of the warning signs above, you can save yourself a lot of hassles and headaches, not to mention workplace injuries. If you are ever in doubt, you can always have a crane inspection done a couple of times per year.