Keep Rust On Your Car At Bay With These Tips

Posted on: 19 April 2016

In addition to being an eyesore, a car that is heavily rusted can leave you needing to have body panels replaced. While your local auto body repair shop can get this job done for you and have your vehicle looking like it's had a makeover, it's ideal to take proactive steps to reduce the likelihood of rust occurring in the first place. While rust will often develop over time, you can perform a series of steps that will put off the arrival of rust or reduce its severity when it finally shows up. Here are some ideas.

Wax Your Car Before Winter

Winter is tough on your vehicle and the constant exposure to road salt can speed up the arrival of rust. Waxing your vehicle shortly before the arrival of winter can be an effective way to reduce salt damage that leads to rust. While people commonly associate waxing with making the car shine for the summer months, spending part of an afternoon getting the job done in your driveway before the weather starts to turn cold can help in the long run.

Buy A Paint Pen

Visit your vehicle's dealership or shop online to find a paint pen that matches your vehicle's color. Shaped like a pen, these devices are ideal for performing small touch-up jobs on your vehicle's body. When you notice a chip or dent caused by a rock or another motorist's door in the parking lot, follow the instructions on the paint pen's label to coat the affected area. This will prevent your vehicle's body from being exposed to the elements and rusting prematurely.

Wash Your Vehicle Throughout The Year

Washing your car isn't just a spring and summer job -- given the risk of salt damage leading to rust over the winter months, it's also important to visit the car wash even when it's cold outside. If you opt for a no-touch wash, make sure that you select an option with underbody spray; this will remove any salty buildup beneath your car that could lead to rust before long.

Have Any Problem Areas Addressed

If you've noticed rust on any part of your vehicle, schedule an appointment at your local body shop promptly. Because rust spreads, it's important to have the problem area dealt with professionally to prevent the further growth of rust. The shop's staff can either sand down the affected area or replace the individual body panel. In either case, you won't have to worry about the rust spreading.