Considering Installing Vinyl Graphics To Your Auto Body? Don't Make These Costly Mistakes

Posted on: 21 November 2016

Unless you have enough money to order a brand new ride with a custom paint job from the manufacturer, chances are pretty good that your car is going to be pretty much the exact same color as hundreds or thousands of others. To make your car stand out from the pack, adding vinyl graphics is an excellent idea. From pin striping to bold racing stripes on the hood, vinyl body decals are definitely going to put your car in the spotlight. However, installing vinyl graphics to an auto body is a lot harder than most think. Here are a few big mistakes to avoid during vinyl graphic installation. 

Mistake: Buying the cheapest graphics you can find from a dealer you know nothing about.

Why? Take your pick of auto supply websites online and there is no doubt you will be able to buy some vinyl graphics for your car at a surprisingly low cost. The only problem with this is, quality graphics are usually not extremely cheap and if you go after these generic graphics that are poor quality, successfully installing them is a long shot. Whatever graphics you choose for your ride make sure they at least come from a reputable place. Check out product reviews online and watch installation videos of people using that particular brand to make sure they are good quality before you buy. 

Mistake: Not installing the vinyl graphics indoors. 

Why? Installing vinyl graphics may seem like a pretty straightforward process, but the smallest interferences can prevent you from seeing good results. Wind, rain, or even dust in the air can get in the way of successful installation, leaving you with a crooked graphic that has obvious debris spots beneath. For this reason, it is best to only try to apply vinyl graphics in an enclosed location away from the natural elements. 

Mistake: Not properly prepping the auto body before trying to apply the vinyl graphics. 

Why? Before you apply the adhesive graphics to your vehicle, it has to properly cleaned. You need to wash the exterior vehicle as you normally would, but with about a thousand times more attention to removing every last bit of grime, dirt, or dust. Any residue on the painted surface of the car body can prevent the vinyl graphic from adhering properly, and even something as small as a speck of missed dust can leave you with a bump in the graphic that is noticeable. 

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