3 Ways To Save Money On Your Vehicle's Body Work

Posted on: 10 November 2017

Auto body repairs are a very common and often expensive issue to have to deal with due to the sheer amount of labor that these types of repairs can require. Listed below are just a few of the available ways to save money on your vehicle's bodywork:

Always Keep A Copy Of The Repair Quote

The first step to save money on your vehicle's bodywork is always to keep a copy of the repair quote that you have been provided with. The reason that you need to keep your hands on the quote is that once the work is completed and you have received an invoice, you will want to compare the quote to the invoice.

This will allow you to question the repair shop and dispute any extra charges that were not included in the original quote so that you can avoid overpaying. An example of how this may help you is if the final invoice that you have been given shows a different labor charge then what you were quoted originally. In that situation, you could potentially have the repair shop reduce the labor charge and labor rate on the final invoice to reflect what was in the original quote.

See If You Qualify For Discounts

Another step to take to save money on your vehicle's bodywork is to see if you qualify for any discounts due to any affiliations were memberships you may have. For example, some auto clubs and roadside assistance services will have a network of body shops that have agreed to give their members a discount. In addition, some body shops will also give a discount to people in the military or if you have your auto insurance through a certain company.

Avoid Going To The Dealership For The Body Work

Finally, a good way to save money on your vehicle's bodywork is to avoid going to the dealership if at all possible. This is because the dealership is often going to be a bit more expensive, often because the dealership is going to insist on using brand-new parts directly from the factory to complete the bodywork. However, if you work with an independent body shop, they will often be willing to use refurbished parts, aftermarket parts, and used parts that may be just as effective and look just as good as the original parts but will cost quite a bit less.

Make an appointment with a local body shop to get a quote for your required auto body repair and to discuss ways to save money on that work. Always keep a copy of the repair quote, seeing if you qualify for any discounts, and avoiding going to the dealership for bodywork are all very effective ways of saving money when you need auto body work done.