4 Paint and Body Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car Looking New and Preserve Its Value

Posted on: 11 March 2019

When you buy a new car, you want to ensure that it stays looking new and that it does not depreciate. In addition to the mechanical maintenance that needs to be done, you also want to do body and paint care to preserve your car's value. Here are some auto body and paint maintenance tips to help preserve the value of your car:

1. Regularly Cleaning to Prevent Scratches and Spot Damage

The best thing to do to keep your paint looking fresh is to clean your car regularly. Routinely cleaning your car will prevent scratches that are caused by dust and debris. In addition, cleaning will give you an opportunity to inspect the paint and bodywork for damage that needs to be repaired before it becomes too serious and costly to have repaired.

2. Protective Wax Coatings and Polishing to Protect Paint

After you wash your car, it is a good idea to apply a wax coat to protect the finish. Before you apply the auto wax after washing your car, make sure to thoroughly dry it with a soft cloth that will not scratch the paint. Apply the wax coating to your car and buff out any unsightly blemishes that you see.

3. Cleaning and Repairing Bumper Covers and Auto Body Trim

The bumper covers, trim, door handles, and extra components like spoilers are usually made of a synthetic material like plastic, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. Over time, wear and heat from sunlight can cause these pieces to lose fasteners or become damaged. Routinely check to make sure that bumper covers and other trim pieces are well connected and not damaged. In addition, routinely clean these parts and polish them to protect against wear and damage.

4. Repairing Minor Scratches by Buffing with Wax and Dealing with Minor Dents

Routine driving, debris from the road, and parking lots can be the source of unsightly scratches in paint and dents in the bodywork of your car. To remove scratches from your car that are minor, use auto wax to buff them out and blend the paint. If there are minor dents, take your car to an auto body repair service for paintless dent repair to avoid damaging the paint job.

These are some auto body and paint maintenance tips to help preserve the value of your car and keep it looking new. If you need help with repairs like minor dents and scratches in the paint, contact an auto body repair service