4 Reasons To Raise Your Truck

Posted on: 20 March 2020

Truck lift kits give your vehicle a higher posture wherever it goes, and this has several benefits. If you own a truck, here are four reasons to elevate it with a truck lift kit.

1. Make Your Truck Stand Out

When you raise your truck up, you'll make it stand out. It literally will stand apart from other vehicles (especially lower-riding cars) as it towers above them, and it'll also have a more striking aesthetic. Many people, including people who don't own trucks themselves, like the look of an elevated vehicle.

2. Better Vantage Point from the Wheel

As you drive your raised truck, you'll have a better vantage point from behind the steering wheel. Since you're sitting taller, you'll be better able to see what's in front and to the sides of the truck (and the mirrors will still show what's behind you).

The higher vantage point can be helpful during normal highway driving. When you're high up, you can see what's two lanes over, even if there's a crossover, SUV, or non-lifted truck right next to you. In a standard truck or another non-lifted vehicle, a sizeable personal vehicle might block your view of the second lane over.

Having a higher vantage point is also helpful when off-roading. Not only can you see what's immediately before your truck, but you can also see further ahead in front of you. Boulders, logs, and other obstacles are less likely to blog your view -- and this lets you better plan out your truck's path forward.

3. Easier Do-It-Yourself Repairs

If you're a do-it-yourselfer, you'll also notice that the increased height is useful when working on your truck. 

The added lift will make it easier to get under your truck for oil changes, salt-protection spray applications, and other work. Many of the jobs that you normally have to lift your truck up on jack stands for, you'll be able to do without using the stands. Even when you still do have to jack your truck up for a job, you'll find that there's even more room underneath it to work with.

4. HIgher Clearance for Off-Roading

If you like going off-road, the higher lift will increase the ground clearance of your truck. This will let you venture places where you've previously been unable to go, as your truck will be able to climb over larger rocks and logs that stick up higher. You'll also be able to ford slightly deeper streams.

Whether you want truck or jeep lift kits, find a manufacturer like System 7 Off Road in your area to learn how to get started.