2 Essential Ways To Use Custom Car Wraps To Promote Your Business

Posted on: 29 November 2021

When operating a business, there are numerous ways to promote your company. Businesses rely on many promotional methods such as billboards, signs, commercials, and even online advertising. However, many businesses often overlook the easy and effective advertising opportunity that's right in front of them. One common oversight is that, if your business makes use of vehicles, you are in a unique position to capitalize on an often underutilized method of business promotion.

Cars, and especially large and noticeable vehicles such as buses, vans, or trucks, are an excellent opportunity for business owners to promote and strengthen their brand. These vehicles cost your business money every month, so it only makes sense to maximize your return on investment as best you can. By using custom car wraps, businesses can endow their vehicles with colors, designs, patterns, and words that can tell their business's story. There are several highly effective ways that businesses can use these custom wraps to market their brand. Read on below to learn two essential ways to use custom car wraps to promote your business.

Use Custom Car Wraps to Display Your Company's Logo

Bland company vehicles are a missed marketing opportunity, and simply applying company colors to your vehicles, while effective, leaves a lot of marketing potential on the table. Fortunately, custom car wraps provide businesses with the option to include the company logo within the design. The display of a company logo on your business's vehicles has the unique advantage of increasing brand awareness significantly. It's estimated that just one vehicle wrap can generate as many as 30,000 - 70,000 impressions per day. If even just 1% of these prospective customers researched your company after seeing your logo on a company vehicle, you could be introducing your business to 300 - 700 additional prospective customers per day.

Use Custom Car Wraps to Display Your Company's Contact Details

While including your company logo on your custom car wrap is an effective way to draw attention and generate brand awareness, a custom car wrap can be even more effective if it directly facilitates the transition from prospect to customer. That's why another essential element of an effective custom car wrap is the inclusion of company contact information. Contact information provides potential customers with a clear and concise means of establishing a direct line of communication with your company. You should include your company name, address, phone, and even email, if possible. If 0.1% of people reach out after seeing your contact information on your company vehicle, your custom car wrap could effectively generate an additional 30 - 70 calls, emails, or other inquiries per day.


Bland company vehicles and poorly designed custom car wraps can be a missed opportunity for business promotion. Fortunately, these powerful car wrap design practices allow business owners to maximize their promotion efforts! Talk to an auto shop if you're interested in custom car wraps