A Chipper Truck Body Design That Will Support Forest Management Services

Posted on: 20 March 2023

A wood chipper truck body is suited for transporting logs, wood chips, and other wooden materials yielded during forestry operations. A custom chipper truck body design will support all of the services that you plan to offer when you launch your forest management business. 

Moisture Resistance

Wood chipper trucks are often used to haul wet lumber and wood scraps. Due to the moisture content within the wood, a wood chipper body needs to be resilient to rust. A wood chipper truck body will typically be coated with a rust-resilient sealant. Steel or aluminum panels that comprise the body of a truck are treated with a sealant during the manufacturing of a wood chipper body.

The bed liner within the cargo area of a chipper body may be coated with an epoxy tar product. This type of product will prevent moisture from damaging the surface that the wood will be resting on.


A wood chipper truck body will contain a flat panel rooftop. This type of rooftop will maximize the amount of space within the cargo area. The rear tailgate that a chipper body contains will be elevated in height. The height of the tailgate will prevent the wood from falling out of the cargo area while a chipper truck is in transit.

A ladder box and built-in toolboxes will support storing gear that is needed to perform forest management duties. The storage areas can be opened, without needing to access a truck's cargo areas.

A hydraulic lift system will aid with lifting the cargo area. Once forestry applications are completed, the hydraulic lift can be activated. This will aid with removing heavy lumber or wood chips from the cargo area.

Custom Colors And Lettering

A manufacturer of custom wood chipper bodies features many colors and styles that a client can choose from. A chipper body is typically smooth. The smoothness of the body will support the addition of custom paint jobs, vinyl decals, and vehicle wraps.

If a basic wood chipper body is going to be purchased directly from a manufacturer, an auto body technician can aid with adding custom features to the outside of the body. There are many effective ways to advertise on a wood chipper body. These include adding brightly-colored letters and pictures to the sides of a truck body.

An auto body technician will guide a wood chipper truck owner in choosing advertising methods that will clearly outline the services and products that a particular business offers.

Contact a local wood chipper truck body company, such as Diamond Truck Body Manufacturing Inc., to learn more.